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Growing subdivisions, Walgreens under construction, street restaurant

Transportation Impact Analysis

CREWS has extensive experience identifying the impacts of projects or alternatives on the surrounding transportation systems. Whether the project envisioned is large or small, simple or complex, we can provide the attention to detail that is required to route through the entitlements process. We remain in contact with the reviewing agency throughout the process to assure that they are in agreement with all processes and assumptions before their review begins. Because we are proficient in both generating and reviewing these analyses, we understand what it takes to sell the key components of the project to government agencies so that staff and policymakers have the best possible view of the project as it procedes through the review process.

We also have extensive experience with DRI analysis. We continually review and provide comment on changes to growth management legislation in Florida. In alternatives analysis we thoroughly explore all viable options, including “do-nothing” alternatives, especially when an improvement may threaten the structure of the community.