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GIS Analysis of the Ridge comparing comparing environmental and network constraints

At CREWS, we approach policymaking from a multi-generational perspective. Although we are understand the value of a timely intervention, our goal is to guide productive change that is sustainable over decades. We have the experience within the public and private sectors to anticipate the results of public policy decisions on a wide range of stakeholders. Our background in history also provides a sense of context that mitigates against the faddish and temporary.

Most importantly, we do not hesitate to address crucial issues boldly and with candor. Identifying non-starters and half-hearted foolishness early in the process allows us to clear away problems and identify elegant solutions that are beneficial to all parties in the long term.

We are also proficient in using modeling and simulation tools to review the consequences of policy decisions on a theoretical basis as well. We understand what variables shsould be simulated so that policy impacts can be clearly identified.