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Alternate Impact Fee Analysis

GIS Analysis of the Ridge comparing comparing environmental and network constraints

We have both generated and reviewed numerous transportation related alternate impact fee studies. Our work starts with an estimate of the amount that could be saved if a study were performed. Using national data and local knowledge, we can usually determine whether it is worth the time and expense to provide an impact fee recalculation before we start.

We also have significant experience negotiating a reasonable methodology or analysis approach. Frequently a local agency can be satisfied with a simple analysis rather than a full blown study.

When a study of trip generation and trip length are required, we know how to assure that the alternative sites match the proposed site appropriately. We assure that the data is carefully collected by doublechecking all vehicle counters and output data and directly supervising all survey personnel. The final results are then documented to the local jurisdiction’s satisfaction. Our experience means that the fee paid is appropriate to its impacts--no more, no less.