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Tricia Tice
I am passionate about the mobility of the communities and clients I serve. I would be delighted to put my expertise to work to serve you!

Patricia Crews Tice, PE, AICP, LEED AP

Ms. Tice has completed a variety of transportation planning and engineering projects for local and regional transportation agencies as well as for private clients. These projects include transportation planning studies, special area studies, modeling and simulation studies, capacity analysis studies, traffic impact and parking demand studies. Ms. Tice has specialized in advanced Cube transportation demand modeling, GIS analysis, and educational facility design. An avid learner and deep thinker, she has regularly provided thorough research and analysis regarding difficult transportation planning issues. She is intimately familiar with livable community design both from a local and regional perspective and passionately pursues strategies that will help integrate these principles into existing environments.

As a skilled presenter of detailed technical material, she has provided detailed technical advice to many jurisdictions regarding their long range transportation options in light of current development pressure and legislative changes. Her work in GIS and travel demand modeling has generated new processes for real-time socioeconomic data tabulation, TAZ level VMT assessment and sketch planning methods for estimating project level greenhouse gas impacts. Additionally, she has generated 3 dimensional models of traffic flow using Synchro for presentations to decision makers and the public.

Her background in industrial archeology, the science of studying historical industrial sites and processes gives her a unique perspective on the context of development and land use over time.